Hands-On Training

Customer Education Center

Various material forming equipment, hands-on demonstrations, pressroom product displays, and a fully-equipped training auditorium combine to make Nidec Minster's Customer Education Center (CEC) the most comprehensive learning and demonstration facility in the material forming industry.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with the knowledge they need to succeed in a highly competitive market,” Nidec Minster President Steve Gruber said. “Our Customer Education Center not only serves as an excellent training tool, but it also allows for a hands-on experience of the latest technology available in the industry.”

Located at Nidec Minster Corporation's world headquarters in Minster, Ohio, the 6,300 square foot CEC is a dedicated training and demonstration facility situated between the company’s corporate offices and manufacturing operations.

The list of equipment operating in the CEC varies depending on availability. Typically, two to four different presses are available for inspection and/or operation in the CEC. In addition, material handling equipment may also be available.

Minster’s own Production Management Control (PMC) is now a standard feature on many presses, and a fully-functioning PMC simulator is available in the CEC, providing an excellent training tool for the touchscreen control system. Available on new presses or for retrofits, the PMC offers complete integration with coil line systems for quick changeover and ease of use. Consolidated operator interaction, production and maintenance counters, and complete system diagnostics make the PMC one of the premier control systems on the market.

A functioning Minster hydraulic clutch and brake unit is also available in the CEC for demonstrating how the brake is released when the clutch is engaged. There are additional simulators in the CEC, most of which are designed to train persons involved with the maintenance of Minster presses. A Monitor Flow Lubrication simulator provides valuable hands-on opportunities as well as programmable limit switch simulators, a SOT control simulator and a relay control with a brake monitor simulator.

The CEC includes a variety of pressroom products, including conveyors, lubricators, clamps, die supports, die doors, press controls and monitoring devices, high speed feeds, press mounts, safety equipment and more. And if you’re interested in the capabilities of Nidec Minster, the CEC included displays for Minster’s Applied Research Center, Metal Casting Facility, and Remanufacturing Facility.

Enclosed within the CEC are a conference room equipped for presentations and meetings, and a modern training room with audio-visual capabilities designed for training sessions.

Nidec Minster offers standard training programs, but many customers prefer to customize a training package that best suits their needs. Whether it’s one person or a group of 50, contact Nidec Minster’s Service Department to find out about the many training opportunities that are available.

For additional information, or to schedule a visit to the Customer Education Center, contact Nidec Minster at +1(419) 628-6000 or email us at training@minster.com.