Nidec Minster Introduces Versatile Solution to the Packaging Industry

Imagine the versatility of a single press platform that can be configured for either a shell or cupping application all wrapped up in a durable high-quality design with a "MINSTER" nameplate. Nidec Minster Corporation is introducing the MP1-90 portal press -- a lower cost press with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of demanding applications.

"We want to offer a low cost, robust, durable, and reliable press for this segment of the metal packaging industry," said David Winch, CEO of the Nidec Minster Corporation. "The MP1-90 press is an economical multipurpose press, giving manufacturers the ability to experience the proven performance and precision of a Minster press in this niche of the market."

Rated at 90 metric (100 U.S.) tons, the MP1-90 press is capable of 250 strokes per minute in shell applications and 150 strokes per minute in cupper mode. The press also features a 100mm (3.94") shutheight adjustment.

A massive cast iron frame provides low deflection and improved vibration absorption while a forged steel crankshaft also contributes to the lower deflection characteristics of the MP1-90. 

Oil film bearings give the press precision bottom dead center (BDC) repeatability while the combination hydrostatic/hydrodynamic guiding system allows for precise slide guiding, infinite bearing life and improved part quality.

The MP1-90 press includes a high quality Minster pneumatic clutch and brake with a proven record of long life and dependability. A hydraulic overload feature in the slide protects the press frame and components in case of an overload condition.

In addition, the MP1-90 is supported by Nidec Minster's industry-lead suite of customer service products. Field service personnel are dispatched from 30 different locations around the globe. Nidec Minster also maintains customer service centers with common repair parts in stock, technical support staff, and remanufacturing capabilities in Minster, Ohio; Ningbo, China; Halblech, Germany; and Querétaro, Mexico.

To learn more about the new MP1-90 press and additional products and services, visit Nidec Minster during METPACK 2017 at booth B43 in Hall 3 of the Messe Essen Fairgrounds in Essen, Germany.