Nidec Minster Corporation utilizes a full complement of manufacturing and support facilities to help maintain quality and ensure on-time delivery of product and services.

From a pattern shop to large assembly bays, Nidec Minster has facilities to give complete support to its manufacturing process.

Nidec Minster Machining


The general machining capabilities of Nidec Minster Corporation include a variety of machine tools. Tight tolerances are held using tested methods and equipment ranging from horizontal CNC boring millls and planer mills to live tooling lathes and multi-axis machining centers.

Large cast and welded press components are machined in Nidec Minster's Frame Cell consisting of four Ingersoll portal-type machining centers.

The Machine Shop is staffed by a diverse and skilled group of flexible machinists who average 20 years of experience. Part quality is maintained through in-process operator inspections. A final part inspection is done on one of the five surface plates or on the coordinate-measuring machine.


Fabrication and Welding

Nidec Minster Corporation established its welding and fabrication unit in 1961. This facility produces short run, high quality, low carbon steel weldments ranging from 1 kg. to 81,800 kg. (2.2 lbs. to 198,996 lbs.) in weight.

The fabrication facility has both plasma arc and oxy-fuel plate burning capabilities in two N/C plate burning machines. These machines are interfaced to the company CAD/CAM system where the burning templates are created. Flame beveling, forming, heat treating, and shot blasting capabilities also exist in the fabrication facility.

Most welding is done by positioning the parts on mechanical positioners ranging in size from 4.5 tons to 350 tons. Positioning the weldments in this way allows for the most efficient welding deposition rates. Gas metal arc (metal core) welding processes are employed throughout the fabrication unit. This process was chosen for its deposition rate, penetration benefits, and low slag generating characteristics.

Nidec Minster Fabrication

Large Machine Assembly

Nidec Minster Corporation's assembly area comprises of 8,593 square meters (92,500 sq. ft.) of production space. This area is serviced by 12 overhead cranes ranging in capacity from 2,700 kg. (3 tons) to 72,700 kg. (80 tons) and 46 jib cranes ranging in capacity from .4 kg. (½ ton) to 1.8 kg. (2 tons). Pit assembly areas are available that increase the distance under hook to a maximum of 15.5 meters (51 feet) on the assembly floor.

The assembly floor is being structured into manufacturing cells that parallel the press sub-assembly and final assembly structures. These cells are staffed by skilled craftsmen who assemble the components into a finished operating press. The assembly floor is a 24-hour per day operation.

Precision assembly skills have been honed in the areas of clutch, upright, bed, slide and crown construction as well as the final assembly and runoff of material forming equipment. The assembly operation is also capable of integrating equipment into process lines and demonstrating their operation prior to shipment.

Nidec Minster Large Assembly
Nidec Minster Engineering


With more than 120 years of product development experience in the machine tool industry, and a staff of 40 full time personnel, many with advanced degrees, Nidec Minster is able to provide complete developmental, analysis and testing services. With a proven track record and more than 160 U.S. Patents awarded, Nidec Minster has demonstrated the ability to provide a wide range of engineering services.

State-of-the-art 3D modeling software, finite element analysis, and complete metallurgical testing are just a few of the capabilities of the Nidec Minster Engineering Department.