Nidec Minster’s Robotics Systems team is committed to supplying our customer with the best product AND the best experience. When a customer purchases equipment, they are making a long term investment in their business. When Nidec Minster sells equipment, they are investing in a long term relationship with a customer. This mutual interest is the cornerstone of Nidec Minster’s 120 years of engineering and customer service experience.

RIAThe Robotics Industries Association (RIA) has recognized the Nidec Minster as a certified robot system integrator. Established in 2012, the RIA Certified Robot Integrator Program provides robot integrators with a way to benchmark against industry best practices and allows robot users to develop a baseline for evaluating robot integrators.  In order to become certified, integrators go through a rigorous process which includes an on-site audit, safety training and hands-on testing of key personnel among other important criteria.

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