Minster GS2 Series 

With capacity ranging from 355-900 tons capacity, the Minster Global Servo Press (GS2) Series offers proven servo technology, performance, and flexibility.

The GS2 was designed in collaboration with Nidec Press & Automation’s global technology resources, which represents nearly 400 years of combined metal forming experience.

Minster GM2 Series 

With capacity ranging from 450-900 Tons Capacity, the GM2 Mechanical Press Series offers proven technology, performance and flexibility found in the full portfolio offering from Minster.

Minster FX2 Servo Series

Based on the legendary E2 HeviStamper design, the Minster FX2 Servo Press Series ranges from 300 to 600 U.S. tons and incorporates a servo drive and control from Siemens.

Minster’s E2 HeviStamper press has set the industry standard for durability, flexibility and value retention. The FX2 Series incorporates the E2 tie rod frame with forged high strength alloy steel and ductile iron components.

Minster E2H Series

Minster’s E2H HeviStamper is designed for today’s higher tensile stamping requirements. The E2H has been configured to provide increased energy while operating at higher speeds with larger upright openings and reduced deflections. The E2H offers some of the most technologically advanced features in the material forming industry.

Minster E2 Series

The Minster E2 press series is designed with excellent built-in parallelism for heavy progressive die work, heavy material blanking and forming, and cold forming jobs requiring higher production speeds.

Kyori TVX Series

The Kyori TVX Series features standard crank-driven presses ranging from 220 to 410 US tons. The TVX Series features standard wide beds and slides with a three plunger (TVX-2000W), a four plunger (TVX-3000W & 3300-330/370) design to increase rigidity. The eight-face needle slide guiding also contributes to the accuracy of the machine.