Kyori ANEX Series

Kyori ANEX presses provide consistent accuracy and precision for automated high speed blanking and bending operations. With speeds up to 1,400 SPM, with a 16mm stroke length, the ANEX series is one of the fastest machines, of its type in this tonnage range.

Kyori VX Series

Kyori VX presses are variable stroke machines based on the ANEX series press with the addition of a unique variable mechanism.

Kyori SS Series

The SS press series is a complete straightside press with tie rod construction. From precision stamping of connectors, general parts and motor cores, increased frame rigidity makes this series a highly versatile solution.

Kyori SX Series

The Kyori SX series features presses with a knuckle link drive mechanism capable of 2,400 SPM. This ultra-high speed precision press is a world leader in the production of micro-connectors.

Kyori MATE-II Series

The Kyori Mate-II is a press crank machine with excellent rigidity, bottom-dead-center accuracy and minimal thermal displacement backed by press technology developed over many years.

Kyori FENIX Series

Kyori FENIX presses combine the highest speeds and most accurate performances in the Kyori line of presses.

Kyori TVX Series

The Kyori TVX series features standard crank-driven presses ranging from 220 to 410 US tons. The TVX series features standard wide beds and slides with a three plunger (TVX-2000W) or a four plunger (TVX-3000W & 3300-330/370) design to increase rigidity. The eight-face needle slide guiding also contributes to the accuracy of the machine.