Nidec Minster Corporation designs and builds its equipment to be in compliance with the applicable sections of the ANSI B11 series of safety standards for machine tool construction. As a global supplier we have certified our equipment to many national and regional machinery requirements. Minster provides safety literature regarding application of point of operation safeguarding, safety precautions and safe work instructions, all contained within its Operation and Service manuals. Minster also routinely provides at no charge to its equipment owners the information listed below (nominal charge for additional sets).


We routinely maintain record of owners of Minster equipment so that we can keep them informed of product alerts, OSHA regulations and the availability of update control packages for older Minster equipment. If you have recently purchased a used Minster press, a press possessing a Minster clutch or Minster material handling equipment your name might not be in our customer files. In such instances, we request you call or write us (at email, giving the serial number of your machine or clutch and the name and address of your company. We can then provide you with the above information. Also please feel free to contact us with your questions.

To receive these documents in Adobe Acrobat portable document files (PDF), we request that you first register by clicking on this info request button (decals can not be downloaded). NOTE: You will be required to email us with a valid press serial number and all requested data in order for us to email to you the above files as attachments. If we receive your request early, we will try to reply to you the same day.

Available Literature

  • Minster Power Press Safety Manual, No. 805F
  • Bulletin 82C, Packaged Conversions — Press Control Options to Assist in OSHA Compliance and productivity improvement
  • Technical Bulletin 158B, Weekly Press Inspection
  • Technical Bulletin 2022, Periodic Preventive Maintenance Checks for the Minster AFC-CFC-GC & MC Air Clutch/Brake Units
  • Technical Bulletin 2026 – Lockout Procedures for Mechanical Power Presses
  • Technical Bulletin 2297A – Signs of Safety Decal Kit
  • Technical Bulletin 2390 – Straightener Roll Cleaning Procedure
  • Technical Bulletin 2408A – Emergency Procedures for Mechanical Power Presses
  • Technical Bulletin 2413 – Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction for Mechanical Power Presses with Annexes A, B, C & D in Word documents
  • Technical Bulletin 2453 – Full Revolution Mechanical Presses


A service and operation equipment manual prepared specially for your Minster serial number equipment includes:

  • Operators and service manuals
  • Parts manual
  • A copy of the original or last known wiring diagram
  • Lube schematic
  • General assembly, if available
  • “Minster Power Press Safety Manual” No 805F
    “ANSI B11.1-Standard for Mechanical Power Presses”

If you are interested in this package, please contact us with the serial number of your equipment for a quote via phone at +1(419) 628-6000, e-mail at or fax at +1(419) 628-2222.

You can obtain additional safety literature from the National Safety Council’s Business and Industry’s Automotive, Metals and Power Press (AMPS) Section by visiting their web site:

Also review OSHA’s CFR 1910.217 on Mechanical Power Presses by visiting their web site:


If you need to contact us by mail, our address is:
Nidec Minster Corporation
c/o Product Safety
240 West Fifth Street
Minster, Ohio 45865-0120

Phone: +1(419) 628-2331
Fax: +1(419) 628-2222

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