Nidec Minster SSP Control

The Nidec Minster SSP Control fills the need for a basic control at a great value. It is 30 percent less than our previous offerings. Minster is experienced when it comes to supplying and supporting controls on many different brands of press room equipment. The SSP Control is fully supported by Minster's world class Customer Services Division.



• 5.7" Color Touch Screen
• Dual Language (English/Spanish)
• Modes of Operation:
--- Inch
--- Timed Inch
--- Bar
--- Setup, Single Stroke
--- Continuous
--- Automatic Single Stroke
--- Continuous On Deman
--- Maintained Continuous 
• Configurable Inputs and Outputs
• Analog Module
• 4-Channel Die Protection (PNP or NPN)
• 4-Channel Programmable Limit Switch
• 8 Configurable Output Relays
• Resolver/Encoder
Optional Features:
• 2 or 4 Channel Load Monitoring
• Additional 4 Programmable Limit Switch Outputs
• Additional 4 or 8 Output Relays
• 4 Safety Relay Output Modules
• Up to 4 Additional Run Stations