Minster MP1 Portal Presses

The MP1-90 Portal press is capable of being configured to produce shells or cups for a wide variety of food and beverage packaging applications. 

The MP1-90 press is an economical multipurpose press, giving manufacturers the ability to experience the proven performance and precision of a Minster press in lower volume markets.

  • Portal Container Press
  • 100 Tons Capacity
  • 150-250 SPM


  • Massive Cast Iron Frame Provides Low Deflection and Improved Vibration Absorption
  • Forged Steel Crankshaft Provides High Strength and Low Deflection
  • Oil Film Bearings Provide Precision Bottom Dead Center (BDC) Repeatability and Long Life
  • Pneumatic Combination Clutch/Brake
  • Combination Hydrostatic/Hydrodynamic Film Guide System
  • Monitored Lubrication System
  • Hydraulic Over Load Protection (HOLP) in Slide
  • Ideal for Sheet Feed Applications