Minster DAC-H Presses

From beverage and food cans to oil filter cases, Minster’s cupping presses provide the ultimate solution for large volume, precise cupping applications.

With high-torque, high-energy drives and the mass, rigidity and precision needed for the production of drawn cups with uniform wall thickness, Minster cupping presses have become the worldwide standard in quality and technology.

  • Double Action Cupping Press
  • 60-165 Tons Capacity
  • 100-350 SPM


  • Hydraulic Clutch and Brake, Providing Fast Starting/Stopping
  • Quick Lift Feature for Quick and Easy Die Access
  • Integral Dynamic Balancer
  • Four-Piece Tie Rod Cast Construction Frame
  • Eight Adjustable Bronze-Lined Hydrostatic Gibs
  • Minster “Monitorflow” Recirculating Oil Lubrication System
  • Electric Pre-Heat Connection System


  • Die Loading Rails
  • Die Loading Assembly – Hydraulic Lift in Bed
  • Shock Isolation Mounts

DAC-H Photos