Minster ECH Presses

Early work with the originators of the “easy-open” can end has resulted in Minster becoming the world’s standard for easy-open end conversion presses. This success is based on a design that meets the industry’s demand for high production speeds, extreme precision, reliability, and dependability.

  • End Conversion Presses
  • 125-140 Tons Capacity
  • 100-850 SPM


  • Hydraulic Clutch and Brake, Providing Fast Starting/Stopping
  • Quick Lift Feature for Quick and Easy Die Access
  • Integral Dynamic Balancer
  • Four-Piece Tie Rod Cast Construction Frame
  • Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Piston Slide Guiding System
  • Pressure Monitored Recirculating Oil Lubrication System
  • Temperature Stabilized Press Frame


  • Shock Isolation Mounts