Minster P2 Presses

The Minster Piece-Maker press was specifically designed to provide extremely accurate alignment and close clearances required for profitable high speed automatic, continuous production with progressive dies.

  • Straightside Automatic Presses
  • 30-200 Tons Capacity
  • 60-500 SPM


  • Minster’s Production Management Control
  • Cast Construction for Reduced Vibration
  • Massive Bed for Exceptional Rigidity
  • Crown and Eccentric Shaft Provide Strength and Resist Deflection
  • Main Bearing Support Block
  • Tie Rods Aid Rigidity
  • Heavy Slide and Connections
  • Shutheight Adjustment and Indication
  • Eight Point Gibbing for Precision Slide Guiding
  • Drive Arrangement Options for Maximum Press Efficiency
  • Minster MonitorFlow… Continuous, Monitored Press Lubrication
  • Minster Combination Air Friction Clutch and Brake


  • Bolster Machining and Precision T-Slots
  • Crossbar Knockout Parts
  • Detachable Air Slide Adjustment Wrench
  • Press Mounts
  • Die Cushions
  • Die Safety Block
  • Special Paint