Kyori FENIX Press Series

FENIX Presses combine the highest speeds and most accurate performances in the Kyori line of presses.

With the standard Knuckle Link design and Alternative Slide Motion, the FENIX allows for slower, more consistent slide velocity through the work angle and reduced heat generation in the die, resulting in improved part quality and longer tool life.

  • Knuckle Link, High-Speed Press
  • 300 Tons Capacity
  • 200-1600 SPM


  • Inverter Type Variable Speed Main Motor
  • Combination Air Friction Clutch and Brake
  • Dynamic Balancer
  • Electronic Rotary Cam Switch
  • Stop Position Control Unit
  • Electronic Crank Angle Indicator
  • 10.4-inch Touch Panel Control
  • Speed Meter
  • Total Counter – 9 Digit
  • Hour Meter – 7 Digit
  • Safety Die Door
  • Operation Box Self-stand Type
  • Micro Inching (Reverse Available) 
  • Motor Reverse Device
  • Both Hands Push Button
  • Circulation-Type Lubrication Unit
  • Pneumatic Control Unit
  • Stock End Stop Switch
  • Air Outlet
  • 200V Outlet (2)
  • Oil Heater Cooler
  • Stock Oil Tank (with Solenoid Valve)
  • Shock Absorber
  • Stock Guide (to the end of the Bolster)
  • Working Light


  • Air Ejector
  • Bottom-Dead-Center Detector
  • Stock Holding Cylinder
  • Flywheel Brake
  • Die Clamper

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