Kyori MATE-II Presses

The Kyori Mate-II is a press crank machine with excellent rigidity, bottom-dead-center accuracy and minimal thermal displacement backed by press technology developed over many years.

  • Press Crank
  • High Speed Presses
  • 20-30 Tons Capacity
  • 200 SPM


  • Inverter Type Variable Speed Main Motor
  • Combination Air Friction Clutch and Brake
  • Dynamic Balancer (Weight Fixed Type)
  • Electronic Rotary Cam Switch
  • Touch Panel
  • Speed Meter
  • Total Counter (8-Digit Electronic Type)
  • Preset Counter (8-Digit Electronic Type)
  • Hour Meter (7-Digit Electronic Type)
  • Electric Slide Adjust Device
  • Mechanical Die Height Indicator
  • Safety Door
  • Operation Box Selfstand Type
  • Micro-Inching (Reverse Available)
  • Motor Reverse Device
  • Shock Absorber
  • Both Hands Push Buttons
  • Oil Heater Cooler
  • Circulation Type Lubrication Unit
  • Pneumatic Control Unit
  • Gripper Feeder
  • Stock Oil Tank (with Solenoid Valve)
  • Stock Guide (to the End of the Bolster)
  • Stock End Stop Switch (Proximity)
  • Misfeed Plug/Socket (with Changeover Switch)
  • Over-Tension Stop Outlet
  • Air Outlet (1/4B)
  • 220V Outlet
  • Revolving Flywheel Manually and Holder for a Turning Bar
  • Stick Releasing Pin
  • Working Light


  •  Air Ejector
  • Cutting Counter
  • Bottom-Dead-Point Detector
  • Stock Holding Cylinder
  • All Stop Circuit (without Timer)
  • 380V Outlet

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