Kyori VX Presses

Kyori VX presses are variable stroke machines based on the ANEX series press with the addition of a unique variable mechanism. Stroke changes are easily accomplished by changing the variable stroke link. In addition, VX presses are revolutionary in that they maintain bottom-dead-center repeatability throughout the entire stroke range due to the simplicity of the adjustment mechanism.

With the standard knuckle link design and link motion, the VX allows for slower, more consistent slide velocity through the work angle and reduced heat generation in the die, resulting in improved part quality and longer tool life.

  • Knuckle Link
  • High Speed Presses
  • 40-80 Tons Capacity
  • 100-400 SPM


  • Symmetrical Link Design
  • Link Slide Motion
  • Even Transmission of Force
  • Accurate Slide Guiding
  • Dynamic Balancer
  • Minimal Shutheight Variation
  • Heat Generation and Thermal Cancellation
  • Cast Iron Frame Construction
  • Combination Air Friction Clutch and Brake Unit
  • Reduced Noise
  • Elimination of “Sticking” on the Bottom of the Stroke
  • Motorized Slide Adjustment
  • Continuous Press Lubrication
  • Main Motor
  • Die Doors
  • User-Friendly Operator Controls with 10.4″ (265mm) Touch Panel
  • Quick Access Feature
  • Electronic Stroke Position Indicator
  • Stock Lube Reservoir
  • Shock Mounts
  • Material End of Stock, Mis-Feeding and Over-Tension Stop Outlet
  • Air Outlet
  • Work Light


  • Production Management System
  • Load Monitor
  • Micro-Inching (Reverse Optional)
  • Oil Heater/Chiller
  • Die Height Detector (Four-Channel)
  • Air Ejector with DC Solenoid Valve
  • Material Holding Cylinder (for Feed Threading)
  • Die Clamps (Upper and Lower)
  • Die Lift Rails (Two Front, Two Rear)
  • Two-Piece Die Table (Consoles)