Minster EV Presses

The Minster EV Press Series is the first Electrical Vehicle Lamination press that accurately accommodates material down to 0.20 mm thick.

The EV is designed for materials specific to the electric vehicle market and is capable of pressing parts less than half the industry’s standard thickness. Nidec Minster’s EV lamination presses achieve superior part quality, longer tool life and increased operational efficiency.

  • Lamination Presses
  • 350 Tons Capacity
  • 90-350 SPM


  • Extremely Wide Beds to Accommodate Longer Dies of the EV Market
  • Ultra Low Deflection Die Space
  • Hydrostatic/Hydrodynamic Slide Guiding for Significantly Tighter Punch-to-Die Clearances
  • Monitoring Systems with Real-Time Feedback from Gib Pressures and Vibration Levels
  • Industry Leading Push/Pull Feed Solution Can Feed Material as Thin as .20 mm 
  • Stiffer Uprights and Stronger Crown to Minimize Deflections and Improve Part Integrity


  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Automatic Shutheight Adjustment
  • Adjust-In-Motion (AIM)
  • Load Monitoring
  • Die Protection
  • Coil Line Interconnects
  • Additional Part Blow-Off Valve
  • Die Area Guarding
  • Die Clamping

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