Minster E2 Series

Minster E2 Series

Eccentric Shaft, Straight Side Presses |
200-1600 Tons Capacity | Up to 150 SPM

Specially designed with excellent built-in parallelism for heavy progressive die work, heavy material blanking and forming and cold forming jobs requiring higher production speed.  The Minster E2 finds wide application in industries where its stamina, rigidity and speed range make it the best press for the rough, tough jobs.



• Minster Production Management Control (PMC)
• Crown and Bed Provide Strength and Accuracy Required in a Precision Press
• One Piece Forged Eccentric Shaft
• Tie Rod Construction with Heavy Uprights for Frame Rigidity
• Heavy Slide and Connections
• Eight-Point Gibbing for Precision Slide Guiding
• Drive Arrangement Options for Maximum Press Efficiency
• Variable Frequency Drives
• Minster MonitorFlow Continuous Monitored Press Lubrication
• Patented Minster Hydraulic Clutch and Brake
• Counterbalances
• Rapid and Exact Shutheight
• Shutheight Indicator
• Flywheel Brake

E2 Slide


E2 Die Doors

• Minster Alternative Slide Motion (ASM)
• Hydraulic Tie Rod Nuts
• Hydraulic Overload
• PMConnect Production Monitoring Software
• Feed Pad Arrangements
• Crankshaft Extensions
• Die Safety Blocks
• Press Mounts
• Stock Lubrication Systems
• Die Space Enclosures
• Light Curtains
• Quick Die Change Solutions
• Special Slide/Bolster Machining
• Shutheight Ranges
• Stroke Lengths
• Arrange for Crossbar Knockouts
• Bed Deflection of .001"/ft. or .0005"/ft.
• Die Clamping Arrangements
• Safety Railing
• Die Cushions
• Line Voltage
• Single Stroke
• 120 Volt Duplex Receptacles
• Tie Rod Heaters
• Rolling Bolster
• Sliding Pendant for Press and Feed Set-Up
• Air Blow Off
• Die Area Lighting
• T-Stand Operator's Station
• Pax Products Die Doors