Minster P2 Presses

The Minster Piece-Maker Press was specifically designed to provide extremely accurate alignment and close clearances required for profitable high speed automatic, continuous production with progressive dies.

The Minster P2 Press is ideal for parts such as electrical laminations, small intricate parts for office machines and electronic equipment, automotive parts, long runs or short runs.

  • Straightside Presses
  • 30-200 Tons Capacity
  • 60-500 SPM


  • Minster’s Production Management Control (PMC)
  • Cast Construction for Reduced Vibration
  • Massive Bed for Exceptional Rigidity
  • Crown and Eccentric Shaft Provide Strength and Resist Deflection
  • Main Bearing Support Block
  • Tie Rods Aid Rigidity
  • Heavy Slide and Connections
  • Shutheight Adjustment and Indication
  • Eight-Point Gibbing for Precision Slide Guiding
  • Drive Arrangement Options for Maximum Press Efficiency
  • Minster MonitorFlow, Continuous, Monitored Press Lubrication
  • Minster Combination Air Friction Clutch and Brake


  • Bolster Machining and Precision T-Slots
  • Crossbar Knockout Parts
  • Detachable Air Slide Adjustment Wrench
  • Press Mounts
  • Die Cushions
  • Die Safety Block
  • Special Paint

P2 Photos