Minster E2H Presses

Minster’s E2H Series press is designed for today’s higher tensile stamping requirements. The E2H has been configured to provide increased energy while operating at higher speeds with larger upright openings and reduced deflections. The E2H offers some of the most technologically advanced features in the material forming industry.

  • Eccentric Shaft
  • Straightside Presses
  • 250-1,100 Tons Capacity
  • Up to 225 SPM


  • Minster’s Production Management Control
  • Massive Cast Frame Construction
  • Minster Patented Hydraulic Clutch and Brake
  • Flywheel Brake • Eccentric Shaft
  • 40 Percent Reverse Load Rating
  • Hydrodynamic Drive Bearings
  • Slide Counterbalances
  • Full Wrist Pins
  • Lower Deflection Design
  • Hydraulic Locking of Slide Adjustment and Nut Clearances
  • Quick Access Feature
  • Twin Helical Gear Drive Arrangements
  • Eight-Point Gibbing
  • Monitored Lubrication With Variable Frequency Regulation
  • Motorized Slide Adjustment
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Wide Upright Openings
  • Press on Isolation Mounts


  • Alternative Slide Motion
  • Double Geared Drive
  • Crankstaff Extension
  • Flywheel Drive Assembly
  • Dual Energy Drive
  • Infinitely Adjustable Stroke
  • Micro-Inch Mechanism
  • Hydrostatic Gib Monitoring
  • Automatic Shutheight Adjustment
  • Crankshaft Counterweights
  • Minster Patented VibCoach
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection
  • Increased Rating Higher in the Stroke
  • Eddy Current Drive Motor
  • Sliding Set-Up Station
  • Coil Line Interconnects
  • Die Guarding
  • Additional Part Blow-Off Valve
  • Choice of Isolation Mounts

E2H Photos