Die Doors

Die Doors

Pax Die Doors are designed to provide safety and efficiency in the press room and provide a point of operation barrier.

• Lightweight doors are counter-weighted to provide easy opening and closing, and are designed to be easily removed in the event that the press requires repair or maintenance.

• Doors install close to the press to allow personnel easy access for die maintenance and set-up.

• Doors are equipped with lubricant troughs within the base of the door to provide a means for the user to control and reclaim excess lubricant that a user may apply within their production systems.

• Optional Air Assist provides pneumatic powered lifting and lowering of the counter-weighted doors. The Air Assist option may be required for larger presses that have a reach height that prevents the door from being completely opened manually.

• Optional acoustically treated die doors help reduce the noise associated with stamping applications.

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