MMC-CX1 Series 45-400 Ton Presses

MMC-CX1 Series 45-400 Ton Presses

Single Point Gap Press | 45-400 Tons Capacity

The MMC CX1 press series features affordable, high quality single point gap presses ranging from 45 to 400 metric tons in capacity.

CX1 series presses are built to meet or exceed JIS Class 1 accuracy standards. Rigid fabricated steel frames help to maintain accuracy and provide increased tool life by minimizing deflection. Precision-machined gears, forged steel crankshafts and other drive train components are designed for smooth power transmission, quiet operation, and long life.

Mitsubishi PLC-based controls are standard with the CX1 series, providing ease of operation and expandable capabilities.  Wintriss brand controls can also be furnished upon request.

80-ton and larger CX1 series presses feature a standard extra-wide flanged ram for easier mounting and better support of tooling, helping to provide better part quality and longer tool life.

All MMC presses are backed up by a comprehensive one (1) year warranty, and world class customer service dedicated to fast response time and available spare parts and components.

MMC presses custom-engineered to meet your specific requirements are our specialty  In addition to standard geared models, they can be furnished in double-geared (for high-energy applications) or non-geared flywheel drive (for higher speed applications) up to 250+ strokes per minute.   Special machining, shut heights, strokes, controls, guarding, inclined/inclinable frames and a wide variety of automation can all be incorporated into the ideal press system to make your parts productively and reliably.  

Many models are in stock for immediate delivery and start-up. 




• Full-featured Mitsubishi controls with 10.4" color HMI
• Fabricated steel frame
• Wet clutch & brake
• Heavy duty geared drive
• Forged steel crankshafts
• Powered die height adjustment
• Six-point gib guiding
• Hydraulic overload protection
• Variable frequency drive speed control
• Automatic grease lubrication system (Oil systems available on all models)
• 80-ton and larger models feature an extra wide flanged slide for better tooling support
• Air counterbalance 



Wintriss tonnage monitor, die protection, and programmable limit switch
Wintriss SmartPAC Pro automation controller
Wintriss light curtain safeguarding
• Link Motion
• Die cushions
• Coil feed lines
• Bar feeders
• Conveyors
• Quick die change components