Equipment Relocation Frequently Asked Questions

What is Custom Care Equipment Relocation?
The Minster Machine Custom Care Equipment Relocation Program is a service to provide complete support and coordination for the relocation of metal forming equipment from removal through reinstallation and startup at new location.

What services can Custom Care Relocation provide?
• Minster Service Technician on site supervision throughout the project
• An initial audit to identify repairs that may be needed
• Rigging (both dismantle and reassembly)
• Disassembly of the equipment
• Preparation for shipment (including export boxing, if ocean freight is required)
• Loading and transportation to the new location (land freight and/or ocean freight)
• Transportation permits
• Coordination of export documentation, if necessary (Equipment values and descriptions to be supplied by the equipment owner.)
• All tools and equipment necessary to perform the relocation
• Parts required for repair or upgrade
• Remanufacture or rebuild prior to reinstallation
• Reassembly of the equipment at it's new location
• Interconnection and startup
• Inspection of the relocated equipment
• To include verification with initial inspection report, if initial audit was performed
• Training of employees at the new location.

What are the benefits of the Custom Care Equipment Relocation Program?
Minster is familiar with the handling of metal forming equipment and can provide efficient coordination of the services needed to remove equipment from one location and install it into another location. We can determine the baseline information of the current condition of the equipment to be able to ensure that it is reinstalled in the same or better condition. We can also provide recommendation on any repair work or equipment updates that would improve the condition and operation of the equipment, which can be coordinated to be accomplished in our Remanufacture facility or on site in the new location before being put into production. This would control the unplanned down time to make equipment repairs that are identified after the reinstallation or after production has begun.

Why is an initial audit recommended?
The initial audit provides a benchmark of equipment condition prior to removal and is used as a baseline for installation and set up in the new location. It also provides an added benefit to identify the need for repair work in advance of the reinstallation. These repairs can then be coordinated to be done prior to the equipment being put into production at the new site.
• Repairs or Remanufacture would alter the original scope and would require customer approval and requoting of the relocation activity.
• Parts and labor would be quoted separately from the relocation project. If desirable, the equipment, regardless of the manufacture brand, can be routed to Minster for repair or remanufacture.

Can I include other manufacturer's equipment?
Minster will provide this service for any metal forming equipment, not just those manufactured by The Minster Machine Company. In order to do this you will need to provide some additional information regarding the equipment including; manufacturer’s name, type, size, serial number, history of the equipment and equipment documentation you may have. Additional information may be requested.

Will Minster perform plant plumbing and electrical work?
Minster can coordinate plant facility work, such as electrical and mechanical work as may be required. Licensed contractors would be used for this as necessary. We will make connection to customer arranged electrical and pneumatic connections.

Can Minster arrange for conversion to a different system voltage for the equipment?
Yes, Minster can specify and convert equipment to operate on any standard system voltage.

If required, will Minster handle foundations?
Minster will provide the necessary equipment specifications available for the equipment, which can be used to evaluate and design equipment foundation. Minster is normally not involved in foundation design, as it is very dependent of the soil condition and facility construction and usually requires a Civil Engineering analysis. If requested, we can coordinate activities with firms who perform these types of services.

Will Minster relocate equipment to any location in the world?
Yes, Minster has the background and experience to move large machinery to and from any industrial country in the world. (World political conditions may create restrictions.) Customer to be responsible for any applicable duty and taxes.

Will Minster handle required documentation for international equipment relocation?
Acting as agents for our customers, Minster will create or complete all required export and customs documentation to properly transact shipments worldwide. Customer to be responsible for any applicable duty and taxes.

What are the typical methods of shipping?
• Truckload, LTL (less than truck load), Flat Bed, and Heavy and Specialized (super trailer)
• Air Freight for items up to 50,000 lbs. (higher weights possible depending on destination)
• Ocean Freight: RoRo (roll on – roll off), Break Bulk, Full container, flat rack and partial container
• Rail; if local access is available

How is transportation handled into Mexico from United States?
Minster will arrange for transport with carriers that allow their equipment to enter Mexico. This reduces border delays as well as the potential damage associated with the unloading/reloading of machinery at the border. Customs brokers play a vital role in the timeliness of Mexico projects. Minster can recommend or arrange for brokers at all major Mexican borders.

Does Minster provide insurance during the relocation?
Minster cannot provide insurance due to the fact we are not the owner of the equipment and do not have an insurable interest. It will be the responsibility of the owner to carry adequate insurance to cover any damage or loss of equipment. Minster will coordinate with the equipment owner and any contracted service provider to obtain certificates of insurance.

What role does Minster provide in the event there is shipping or rigging damage that occurs?
Minster will coordinate communications between the equipment owner and contract provider as necessary to resolve any damage that may occur. The equipment owner must cooperate in all aspects in handling of such claims.

Does Minster offer a warranty with a relocation?
No equipment warranty is provided with an equipment relocation. If repair work is performed by Minster personnel, the work and parts will have the standard Minster Service warranty, which is available upon request.

How do I obtain a quote for a Custom Care Equipment Relocation?
There are several ways to obtain a quote including:
• Call the Minster Custom Care Phone no. 419-628-6000
• Call or contact our Customer Service Department at 419-628-2331.
• Fax the necessary information by fax to 419-628-4225 or 419-628-2222
• E-mail the necessary information to

What information do I need to provide for a Custom Care Equipment Relocation quote?
Information Required for a Custom Care Equipment Relocation Quotation
• Verification of equipment's current location (company name and address).
• Verification of equipment's new location (company name and address).
• Contact name at current facility, along with a phone number, fax number and e-mail address, if applicable.
• Job-site contact information, if not the same as the main contact
• Listing of equipment to be included in the Equipment Relocation. This should include the press serial number and associated automation equipment serial numbers. Non Minster equipment will require some additional information such as: manufacturer’s name, type, size, serial number, history of the equipment and equipment documentation you may have.
• Estimated start date and desired completion date
• Is there a preferred method of transportation?
• Who will drain the oil?
• Customer must provide containers and dispose of waste oil.
• Who will be providing the electrical buss lines and power drops?
• Who will be providing the air drops?
• What are the door opening sizes?
• Are there any obstructions inside of the plant the equipment is currently in that will need to be removed, altered, or bridged (floor openings) to allow removal of the equipment?
• Are there any obstructions inside of the plant the equipment is to be relocated to that will need to be removed, altered, or bridged (floor openings) to allow relocation of the equipment?
• Is there a special floor at the existing or new site that would need special care during the move?
• Who will anchor the equipment?
A Request for Quotation form is available by calling 419-628-6000.

What will my company need to do?
• Provide completed Custom Care Relocation request for quote form.
• Provide facility information and door sizes that equipment will be moved through in both the existing equipment site and the new equipment location.
• Make any required modification to the doors to allow equipment through.
• This can be included with the scope of work, if necessary, but must be completed prior to relocation start date.
• Provide all utilities, including but not limited to, air, electricity, lighting, water; and when required, Minster approved lubricants.
• Keep work area clear and free for access at all times during the relocation process.
• Dies must be removed prior to relocation.
• Dispose of all waste material.

How long will it take to complete the relocation process?
The duration of any relocation process will be determined by the scope of work.

What are the payment terms?
A purchase order for the defined scope of work is required to initiate the Custom Care relocation process.
Standard payment terms for Custom Care Equipment Relocation:
• 50% down payment in advance.
• 40% will be due in 15 days thereafter.
• Remaining 10% payment will be due 30 days after the issuance of the purchase order.