Minster P2H Presses

P2H presses are designed for universal stamping applications. The flexibility of available adjustable stroke and quick access slide with motorized shutheight adjustment expand the use of the machine from flat blanking to multiple forming or drawing operations.

The rigid guiding system, combined with hydraulic overload, hydraulic clutch and fast braking, provides the ultimate in part precision, die life and productivity.

Precision Straightside Presses
71-180 Tons Capacity
200-600 SPM


  • Minster Production Management Control
  • One-Piece Frame on P2H-63 and P2H-100
  • Hydraulic Flex Disc Clutch and Brake
  • Flywheel Brake
  • Hydraulic Slide Lockup
  • Quick Lift Slide
  • Hydrostatic Piston Drive
  • Slide Guiding
  • Motorized Shutheight Adjustment
  • Precise, Efficient Lubrication
  • Main Drive Motor
  • Integral Press Shock Mounts


  • Infinitely Adjustable Stroke
  • High Speed Drives
  • Die Area Doors
  • High Energy Drive
  • Eddy Current Drive Motor
  • Die Rollers and Die Clamping
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection
  • Shutheight Thermal Stabilization System
  • Single-Geared Twin Drive Arrangement

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