Minster P2H-FX Servo Presses

From the industry leader in mechanical press technology comes the Minster P2H-FX Series Servo press line.

Designed for applications requiring alternative slide motion, the Minster P2H-FX combines the characteristics of a traditional mechanically driven press with those of a servo drive.

  • High Performance Servo Presses
  • 63-160 Tons Capacity


  • Programmable Slide Motion Profile
  • Reduced Tooling Effort
  • Energy Optimized Configuration
  • Full Torque from the First Stroke
  • Micro-Inching at Full Tonnage with Handwheel
  • High-Torque, Low Speed Servo Motor
  • Modular Design Concept Provides:
    – Standard Control
    – Increased Productivity
    – Smaller Incremental Torque and Energy Configurations
    – Optimized Spare Part Availability