Die Carts

Die Carts

Minster die handling devices provide a highly efficient means of staging, loading and unloading die sets, thereby maximizing press running time. The Die Cart mobile units also facilitate the pre-staging of multiple die sets on auxiliary storage racks.

Three types of Minster die transfer carts are available: stationary carousel; stationary in-line; and tracked (mobile) in-line. Minster Die Carts are pneumatically powered and available as either single or dual station models, depending on size.



• Center Guide Key
• Floor Rails
• Heavy Duty Base
• Wheel Drive System
• Cart Locating Pin
• Push/Pull Rigid Chain Mechanism
• Die Support Rollers
• Auxiliary Die Support
• Die Connecting Link Mechanism
• Die Latch
• Operator Control Station
• Pneumatic Drive
• Pneumatic Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator
• Pneumatic Hose Reel
• Storage Rack
• Rotating Decks
• Additional Die Latches
• Additional Floor Rail