FieldHawk Real-Time Updates
FieldHawk Real-Time Updates

FieldHawk is a cloud-based communications mobile application designed to communicate with your Nidec Minster stamping presses from your iOS or Android mobile devices. Cloud-based, secured communications allows all authorized users to check machinery status from anywhere you can get phone service and/or an internet connection.

Instantly know your Press Status:
With Fieldhawk receive real-time updates for: press status; operating condition; production data: and much more.  Up-to-the minute communications keeps you in control of your operations.  Stay informed and stay productive!

Receive Service and Maintenance Alerts:
Service alerts delivered on your mobile device from the Minster Production Management Control (PMC) press control panel keeps you informed of upcoming service intervals required, allowing you to proactively schedule genuine Minster parts and service to reduce downtime.

Remotely monitoring your stamping press activities with FieldHawk, allows for improved productivity; proactive maintenance reminders; predictive analytics; reduced maintenance costs and a better return on you valuable capital machinery investments.


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• Asset Operating Status
• Asset Maintenance Reminders
• Service Connection -- email and phone
• Production Data Exchange
• Remote Troubleshooting
• ERP Connectivity
• Continued Future Development and Support