Nidec Minster Control Upgrades

If you have a Minster PMC control manufactured prior to 2005, contact Minster in regards to upgrading with some of these available features:

ANSI B11.1-R2009 Upgrades for Press Safety and Clutch Circuits

EN 60204 CE Upgrades for Press Safety and Clutch Circuits

Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) Packages

Die Protection Monitoring and Interfaces

Vibration Severity

Load/Tonnage Monitoring

Field Hawk (IIOT)

Thermal Sensing

Auto Shut height

Auto Counterbalance

Brake Monitoring

Clutch Valve Monitoring

Coil Line Interconnects



Improved Terminal Response

• Screen bitmap images have been redefined to reduce the screen repaint time.

Energy Save Motor Control

• Programmable timer shuts off main drive motor when the clutch has not been engaged for a predetermined (user programmable) length of time.

Reason for Last Stop

• Store criteria which produced most recent stop fault (to be used with new Minster Connect Software).

Extended Tool Storage

• Extends tool storage units from 75 (standard) to 200.

Advanced Die Protection

• S-Quick check mode: Sensor check is allowed to fail for a predetermined number of press cycles. An example would be detecting slug ejection, whereas slugs may stick together in the die and fall out on some random number of press strokes. If no slugs come out for 10 strokes, then we assume there is a problem and top-stop the press.

• On the fly setpoint changes: Check windows can be adjusted while the press is in motion.

• Enhanced sensor reporting: Real-time reporting of crank angle when sensor state changes.

• Setpoint auto-tuning: Control suggests optimal sensor check windows based on programmed tolerance range, press speed, check type, etc.

• Improved stop control responses: Stop output hard wired into press stop circuit instead of internal within PLC. Significantly improved stopping time from die protection fault.