Minster PM3 Series

Minster PM3 Series

Two Point, Eccentric Shaft, Dynamically Balanced, Progressive Die Straight Side Presses | 125-300 Tons Capacity | Up to 800 SPM


Minster Series PM3 presses provide the ultimate in consistent accuracy in automated high speed blanking operations in the 125 to 300 ton range.
The PM3 was designed specifically for lamination work. Therefore, many of the PM3's features help insure that the machine will maintain its fine accuracies throughout years of operation.

Expensive lamination dies last longer in a Minster PM3 because of its unique design. The massive frame, full eccentric shaft with six main bearings, along with the heavy steel connections and wrist pins combine to provide a machine that is more stable at high lamination speeds.

PM3 presses also feature hydrostatic and hydrodynamic slide guiding and main bearing support that accurately guide the punch into the die to increase die life. In addition, an exclusive "hydraulic supported screw thread" system removes the clearances from slide shutheight adjustment parts, enhancing bottom-dead-center repeatability and part consistency.

In-Die Staking
Unique features such as shutheight stabilization, hydraulic supported screw threads, a deep slide with long gib guiding, hydraulic quick lift slide and consistent slide bottom-dead-center repeatability make the PM3 the ideal press for in-die staking operations. Add to these features the adjustable-in-motion (A.I.M.) control and they provide accuracy so critical when staking laminations within the die, while at the same time promote increased die life and die accessibility.



• Minster's Production Management Control
• Cast Construction Reduces Vibration
• Crown and Eccentric Shaft Provide Strength and Resist Deflection
• Precision-Fitted Support Block
• Rigid Slide and Connections
• Massive Bed for Stability and Precision
• Eight Point Hydrostatic/Hydrodynamic Gibbing for Precision Slide Guiding
• MonitorFlow Continuous, Monitored Press Lubrication
• Flywheel Drive Arrangement for Maximum Press Efficiency
• High Performance, Hydraulic Clutch and Brake Unit
• Dynamic Balancer System
• Precise Shutheight Adjustment
• Shutheight Indicator
• Hydraulically-Supported Screw Threads

PM3 Slide


PM3 Clutch


• Hydraulic Quick Lift
• Adjust-In-Motion
• Die Space Enclosures
• Oil Cooler
• Quick Die Change Systems and Rollers
• Feeds
• Stock Lubrication
• Material Handling Systems
• Air Operated Flywheel Brake