MMC DX2 Series "D" Frame Straightside Presses

MMC DX2 Series "D" Frame Straightside Presses

MMC brand two (2) point "D" frame straightside presses are available from 110 to 400 metric tons capacity.  The "D" frame straightside greatly reduces the angular deflection of a typical "C"-frame design, making it particularly suitable for jobs requiring higher accuracy parts and close tolerance tooling.  We keep some popular models in stock at our warehouse, but one of the keys to our success is the ability to build machines with special configurations and features to suit your particular needs.  Whether you need a double-geared drive for a high-energy drawing application, special bolster, stroke or shut height specifications, box-type slide with 8-point gibbing, special guarding or controls, automation, or just about any other feature to maximize your productivity, contact us for a prompt review and proposal.



• Standard Air-Actuated Wet-Type Combination Clutch and Brake
• Standard Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP)

DX2 Features