Notcher Tending

Notcher Tending

Notching large electric motor laminations is a very complex operation and manually tending a notching press can be physically demanding. Let Nidec Minster’s Flex Notcher System take the load off your employees while keeping your notcher running efficiently. The Nidec Minster Flex Notcher system can be integrated with a new Nidec Minster Notching Press or retrofitted into existing applications. 


  • Multi-axis articulated robot arm
  • Pneumatic magnetic part holding
  • Carbon fiber EOAT structure
  • Low profile EOAT
  • Dual part EOAT layout


  • Destacking fixtures
  • End of arm tooling (EOAT) mounted blank orientation
  • Floor stand mounted blank orientation and centering
  • Stacking fixtures
  • Sheet Fanners
  • Double Blank Detection
  • Automatic EOAT changer
  • Pallet turntables
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Vacuum part holding for non-ferrous material
  • Barrier guarding