Minster FX2 Servo Series

Minster FX2 Servo Series

High Performance Servo Press | 300-600 U.S. Tons Capacity

Based on the legendary E2 HeviStamper design, the Nidec Minster FX2 Servo Press Series ranges from 300 to 600 U.S. tons and incorporates a servo drive and control from Siemens.

Minster’s E2 HeviStamper press has set the industry standard for durability, flexibility and value retention. The FX2 Series incorporates the E2 tie rod frame with forged high strength alloy steel and ductile iron components.

The Siemens servo motor powering the twin end drive of FX2 presses features a unique liquid-cooling technology. While many large servo motors are air-cooled, the liquid-cooled Siemens drive affords a cooler operating temperature for longer motor life and less heat transfer to the press for a more stable production environment.

The liquid-cooled drive is also a closed system resulting in fewer contaminates than a typical air-cooled system with airborne pollutants.

The Siemens Energy Management System optimizes energy usage during production, providing one of the most efficient servo drive systems available.

The FX2 Servo Press Series features user-friendly programmable motion profiles for maximum manufacturing flexibility, with a multitude of profile shapes. All motion profiles afford users full torque and energy at lower speeds.

A standard Hand Wheel Set-Up Mode allows users to precisely position the slide for ultimate efficiency during set-up and die tryouts.

A large intuitive operator interface incorporates many of Minster’s Production Management Control (PMC) programming, including complete integration with coil line components.



• Programmable slide motion profile
• User-friendly operator interface
• Siemens heavy duty direct drive high torque servo motor(s)
• Optimized kinetic energy buffer
• Liquid-cooled drive motor configuration for optimal system performance
• Major components available from stock
• Four-piece high tensile massive steel frame
• Two-point full eccentric crankshaft
• Eight-point slide guiding system
• Counterbalance system
• Motorized shutheight adjustment with electronic digital readout
• Hydraulic overload protection system
• Die Safety Blocks
• Press Shock Mounts
• Minster Servo Press Control
• Four-Channel load Monitor
• 16-point die protection module
• Automatic counterbalance adjustment

Nidec Minster FX2-600