Maintenance/Audit Programs



Equipment Inspection Program PM Program OSHA Compliance Inspection
Reduced, Unplanned Downtime Yes Yes Yes  
Extended Equipment Life Yes Yes Yes  
Increased Die Life Yes Yes Yes  
OEM Certified Inspections Reports
Covering More Than 100 Items
  Yes Yes  
Work Performed by Continually
Trained Stamping Technicians
  Yes Yes  
Ability to Develop Trends & Proactively Predict & Plan Repair Work   Yes Yes  
Periodic Maintenance Items (such as oil changes) Performed on a Regularly Scheduled Basis     Yes  
Warranty on Service Work   90 Days 1 Year


Warranty on Minster Manufactured Repair Parts   90 Days 1 Year  
Operator Training   Optional Yes  
Consolidated Spare Parts Lists   Optional Yes  
DXF Prints   Optional Yes  
Special Service Prices   Yes Yes  
Special Parts Prices     Yes  
30-Point Inspection of the Press Controls       Yes
Stop Time Checks using a Portable Stop Time Device       Yes
Assessment of Press Safeguarding       Yes
Verification of Die Setting and Lockout Procedures       Yes
Summarized List of Recommended Actions to Obtain Compliance       Yes
Documentation of the Inspection Results       Yes

Equipment Inspection

  • OEM Certified Inspection Reports and Maintenance Records
  • Increased Productivity and Equipment Reliability
  • Available for ALL Brands of Equipment

The Minster Equipment Inspection program provides a thorough inspection of the identified presses and material handling equipment that includes more than 100 individual checks performed by Minster-Trained technicians, including:

  • Checking and adjusting press to assure it is level.
  • Checking and setting gibs.
  • Checking and adjusting clutch and brake clearance.
  • Checking and setting lube pump bypass pressure.
  • Checking condition of lube lines.
  • Checking and tightening drive belts.
  • Checking functionality of the press control.
  • Checking bearing clearances.
  • Checking slide parallelism.
  • Checking condition of slide adjustment mechanism.
  • Checking gear backlash and condition.
  • Checking counterbalance condition.
  • Checking press stopping time.
  • Checking flywheel brake condition.

The Equipment Inspection program also provides a thorough inspection of the identified presses and material handling equipment, and includes a comprehensive OEM Certified Maintenance Report Documenting:

Equipment's Condition
Inspection results comparing the state of the equipment prior to adjustments to the state after adjustments and to the equipment specifications.

Recommendations For Repairs That Should be Performed Immediately
Written recommendations for any equipment repairs deemed necessary now, and an explanation of why they are being recommended, (i.e., minimize unplanned downtime, safety issues, etc.).

Recommendations For Repairs That Should be Planned for the Future
Narrative that will highlight any trends that can be depicted based upon the history of the machine as seen in previous inspections and as compared to the expected performance of this type of machine.

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Semi-Annual Preventive Maintenance


Minster's Preventive Maintenance Program is designed to increase the relaibility and performance of your metal forming equipment, and provide you with confidence that your equipment will perform when and as required.

The program is based on semi-annual PM visits performed by continuously trained stamping equipment technicians. During each visit, the technician will perform a 100-point Equipment Inspection, and perform standard maintenance and make minor adjustments as required.

Based upon an inspection, a comprehensive OEM certified maintenance report will be prepared and delivered. This report will document:

  • Equipment's current condition.
  • Recommendations for any repairs that should be performed immediately.
  • Recommendations for repairs that should be planned in the future.
  • Trends in the wear of parts and utilize these for future repair recommendations.
Lifecycle of Metal forming Equipment
Comprehensive Report Sample


  • Each subsequent report references the readings and measurements taken on previous reports to provide trends in regard to part wear and other concerns.
  • These reports provide an ongoing history that can be utilized as part of your process control programs. In addition, these reports provide a basis for you to obtain maximum resale value should you ever decide to sell your equipment.

Unequaled, One-Year Parts & Service Warranty

  • A quality PM program will extend the life of your equipment. As a result, for equipment in Minster's PM program, Minster is able to extend our standard parts and service warranty to one full year for all service work performed by Minster, and for all Minster manufactured parts installed by Minster.

Unequaled Savings:

  • One of the keys to a PM program is planning and scheduling. In addition to reducing unplanned downtime, the planning and scheduling involved in PM programs provides Minster with better utilization of its service team. This, in turn, results in reduced service rates and discounted replacement part pricing for our customers. The combination of these savings along with reduced downtime and extended equipment life provide you with an unparalleled value.

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OSHA Compliance Inspection Program

Minster's press safety audit consists of a two-page comprehensive OSHA 1910.217 checklist. The checklist includes:

  • Functional and Operational Checks
  • Critical Component Verifications
  • Stop Time Checks (Using a Portable Stop Time Device)
  • Safety Distance Verifications
  • Review of Applied Safeguarding Means
  • Verification of Die Setting and Lockout/Tagout Devices and Procedures

It takes about one hour per press to complete this audit. After the audit is completed an Excel spreadsheet is generated along with a summary letter. Digital photos taken during the audit are included in the final report. The photos are helpful to identify possible problem areas. This is done at $195/hour plus travel time and cost. The reports are included in this rate. Travel time is $90/hour.

It does not include mechanical clearance checks (parallelism, gib total and individual bearing clearances and clutch/brake clearances). To have that performed would require a service call by one of our service personnel.