Acquisition of Press Masters Completed

David Winch, C.E.O for the Nidec Minster Corporation, has announced the completed 100 percent acquisition of Press Masters, LLC. 

Press Masters has been a close and effective distributor for Nidec Minster products, along with other related press room products, for many years. The Press Masters territory has spanned the United States east of the Mississippi. Their team of 14 will join Nidec Minster and collectively bring more than 200 years of industry experience.

"The addition of Press Masters will allow even tighter integration between the sales force and Minster, Arisa, Kyori and Vamco products under our recently announced Nidec Press & Automation brand," Winch said. "This acquisition will enable a direct sales model for a large part of the U.S. market and bring great advantages for a highly technical, consultative sales approach, while strengthening customer relationships and ensuring our target growth." 

The Nidec Press and Automation brand brings together Minster, Arisa, Kyori and Vamco products to the market, allowing combined synergies to offer efficient, cost-effective and timely solutions to manufactures looking for increased production and profits. 

Users of all Nidec Press & Automation products are encouraged to contact sales and service representatives through their normal channels.