"It’s a durability thing. I have zero issues finding a 1980 to 1990 machine, buying it, and sending it to Minster to have it rebuilt. It’s really because of the frame on those Minster presses. They’ll just last forever. I mean, they honestly will, and that’s really the key."
"I’m impressed with the reliability of Nidec Minster presses, especially as part of the Stolle Tetrad system. The presses create a stable process and repeatable quality results. We are able to get precision parts at incredible speeds"
“Our team made a trip to Minster. We were interested in a 700 ton press at the time, and we saw the 1200 ton. That got us thinking about being able to have a dependable solution for our large tonnage parts.”
"The DAC-H165 cupping press has proven to be a very good investment. The press provides us with many technical solutions that help increase our production. Changing the die set is much quicker, and we are able to automate many processes. We want our guys working on can production, not standing around making sure the press will run."
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