“We’ve had Minsters at Brunk since the 1970’s. We have some of the original machines still in operation, and quite frankly they’re just as good as when we bought them.”
“Arisa is a solid supplier because of the knowledge and trust we have shared over the years. Arisa is very flexible during the design and implementation of each project. And the Arisa solutions are very stable and dependable.”
“The Minster presses just go and go. I’ve worked here for 27 years and I can only remember two or three times where we had a press failure where a press was down for an extended period of time.”
“With the Minster Press linked to the Vamco Feed, we can run 350 strokes per minute and know the parts coming off the die will be to print every time.”
"And with all our Minster presses it's about the robustness of the design. They just seem to run and run and run."
"With proper maintenance, we know the Nidec Minster presses we have purchased will still be functioning properly 25 years from now."
"The Minster presses are very reliable. When we put a certain tonnage job in a Minster press, we know we don’t have to de-rate the press. We know that the press can handle it."
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